Hello, Brave New Blog!


I’ve decided to set up this WordPress as a way of publishing updates about my designs and shops (at least, that’s the main plan at the moment!).  A couple of weeks ago I set up a Twitter account Here, which is fantastic for super quick updates… but there are some things you want to describe in a bit more detail.  My solution is a Twitter-Blog combo, with twitter dealing with the little tweets, and pointing back to the blog for the big ones.

So, first post.  Just a bit about what this blog is for, and what I’ve been doing in the CP/Zazzle worlds so far.

Many a year back I stumbled upon a gorgeous shop on Cafepress, full to the brim with spooky, gothic and historical designs.  I ended up buying a couple of things from that shop and then setting up an account for myself, because I could, and it seemed simple enough at the time.  I created four, maybe five designs in my initial enthusiasm, threw them onto a few products each, and promptly forgot about the whole thing.

A few months later a cheque arrived in the post, much to my surprise!   Admittedly it was too small to really be worth the amount they charge for conversion from $ to £, but that letter was the moment I realised that perhaps people actually would buy my designs, even more so if I put a bit more thought into them than those first very basic five!

Shortly after I opened my first premium shop, Obsession Design and back then I would have recommended the move to anyone with a handful of decent designs.  Ah, but things change, and I’ll probably post about the recent CafePress changes later (though I imagine everyone in the CP community has had their fill of that subject by now).  Suffice it to say I decided it might be wise to host my designs elsewhere, in case I needed to leave Cafepress in a hurry.

I already had an account on Zazzle named QueenHare.  I’d set this up as a place to show my illustrations and art, as I found text sold better on Cafepress, and art better on Zazzle.  In order to mirror my main Cafepress shop I set up Obsession Design Zazzle, and quickly started copying my designs across.  After a while I decided to open some more galleries in order to split up categories of designs into seperate shops, something I had wanted to do on Cafepress, but was reluctant to incur the additional premium shop fees that would be involved. 

And that, in brief, is where I am now and a bit of how I got here.  Don’t worry- not all my posts are going to be like that!  I’m now in a deep process of categorisation… essentially trying to combine and break apart cafepress shops to fit onto Zazzle and still make sense.  It sounds simple, but there are plenty of tricky sections that defy the models I’ve come up with so far!


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